Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poster - Dream

This poster was participated at Ten Images for Ithaca, Greece Poster Competition 2008. It was voted top ten and gathered the highest score after the jury's voting. There was 1900 posters submitted by 1257 participants from 70 countries. It was exhibited at Gallery of the Municipality of Ithaca, Greece and at Bios, Athen, Greece.

Winning a design award is way beyond my imagination! All I wish was to participate in design exhibition! When I was in college I used to ask God to grant me a chance to witness my posters at design gallery/exhibition. But in 2008, He granted me to Greece, a country that never in my mind at all. All I can say is "God sent me to Greece" and He inspired me until now and one of the reason this blog was created is to Glorify Him. For He is my Greatest Designer and Creator.

This poster was probably the most joyful poster I ever worked on. The idea came in stages. On the first night, I have no idea what to do, thus I drew boxes and filled up the colors look like pixels yet nothing concrete in mind about the design. The 2nd night, I filled up the boxes with texts and it looked very messy. Along the way, the ideas came and I poured it out in stages until it was completed and look good. Knowing that this kind of feeling is so awesome. It must be from Him. I embraced His presence while doing this poster without any expectation to win but to enjoy the process.

After I came back from Greece, He inspired me more and more until now and the passion still keep me going on...

"Many times our dreams fall on different situation, either we will achieve it or we don't. Sometimes a good dream might falls on the wrong situation at the wrong time thus it became invisible. All this represented by the matching colors of the boxes and the texts. Texts are in two words to show that our dreams either success or fail."

This is my breakthrough poster.

Praise The Lord.

"Lord, there was a time when I dare not dream of anything in life as I felt myself is so weak and hopeless. But You told me it's alright to dream and You will carry me through. You even reminded me how a child like me can be blessed with a great trip to Greece. What more my Heavenly Father can't do for me...Lord, Thank You for this trip and Thank You for making the exhibition a success. Seeing my poster being exhibited was the greatest joy. This trip is meaningless without experiencing the process with You."


  1. Praise the Lord! If you honour Him, He will guide you through...
    Good job! Excellent!

  2. Thanks. Yup He did and still doing it...