Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poster Series - Word

Poster 1
Title: Word (I) - Mouth
The Red box denotes “Kou” which mean “Mouth.”
The basic root to achieve human relationship in
harmony is to know by heart the Word of God.

Poster 2
Title: Word (II)-Rock
“Shi” is the Chinese word for “Rock.”
Everyone who hears God’s Words and puts them into
practice is like building his human relationship on the rock.

Poster 3
Title: Word (III) - Upright
The word, “Lei” which mean “Upright.” Those who pursues
upright finds life, love, prosperity and honor.

These Poster Series were created on one Sunday evening when out of a sudden, the ideas popped up clearly in my mind to use Chinese Characters to portray God's message. The Poster (iii) was very weird as I do not read and write Chinese but deep down inside my heart, this word has a strong meaning yet to find out. To confirm the meaning, I desperately called up my friends and my sister. True enough, there is a meaning in it...as the poster delivered it clearly now...It was even more encouraging when I needed someone who can write calligraphy and he happened to be one of my friend who came and offer his expertise. Without any questions, my photographer agreed to shoot the red box for free!...God sent resources...!

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